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Outdoor Learning with Parents


16 June 2023

This week we welcomed our Kindergarten parents to join us in the outdoor classroom for a warm and sunny afternoon! It was lovely to see them working with their daughters, helping them to access all of the activities that were made available. 

Girls were able to decorate stones with dried flowers, they coated pine cones, created a beach in a jar and coloured sticks to make patterns. Favourite activities were planting their very own lobelia and of course, baking in the mud kitchen. There was also time to explore the wooded area and to role play in the summer house.

'It was really good because our mummies and daddies came and we made them food in the mud kitchen. I liked making the pinecones and the planting the plants.'

Parents enjoyed watching the girls interact with each other and had a good insight into the learning that goes on outside the traditional classroom. It was evident how important this part of their learning experience is. 

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