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Pupils in the spotlight for 'Oliver!'

20 April 2018

The girls were very excited when they heard, back in December, that they would be performing the musical 'Oliver!' as their Year 6 production and have worked very hard in rehearsals during the Spring Term under the direction of Miss Robinson and Mrs Howell.

Finally, words were learnt, costumes were fitted and the scenery in place, so it was ‘lights, camera action’ on the evenings of 27 and 28 March as we were transported back to Victorian England.

From the first entrance on stage of the workhouse children it was clear that the audience was in for a real treat and they were not disappointed.  The singing, acting and choreography was first class and it was difficult at times to remember that the actors were only aged 10 and 11. They worked well together throughout and many girls enjoyed playing a number of roles during the show even though this meant some quick changes of costume!

The standard of the performance was outstanding and was definitely enhanced by the scenery generously sponsored by the EHSPA to whom we are extremely grateful.

Our grateful thanks to our directors, Miss Robinson and Mrs Howell and to all girls and staff involved in helping to make a show worthy of any West End theatre.

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