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24 November 2017

In Nursery this week, our focus has been on the colours black and white, much to the delight of 'Zoya Zebra'!

The girls showed interest and happily investigated the black and white display table. They had great fun playing with the white 'crazy foam' which felt soft and fluffy and even though it looked like snow, was not cold! Lacing around black mitten shapes with white wool proved tricky but we managed when we concentrated and worked slowly and carefully.

One of our teachers had black fingernails and another had white ones. With that in mind, we decided to visit the Nursery Beauty Salon to have our nails painted white too! We each carefully used a fine brush to paint our partner's nails and then they did the same for us. We all ended up with matching white fingernails! Good job we had some baby-wipes to hand so that we could wipe away the evidence before Mrs Hartley saw our nails!

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