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Nursery adventures

10 November 2017

The girls in Nursery have been out and about in school enjoying a range of adventures to extend their knowledge of the world around them.

They began one morning waking themselves up by bouncing on the rebounder, practising their jumping and balance and developing their confidence.

Invigorated by this exercise they went for a walk via the Octagon and had a big surprise - everything was different! Due to the performance of Phantom of the Opera, the girls were able to 'climb the heights' to see the wonderfully sparkly chandelier, look into the big golden mirror and loiter outside the 'dungeon-gates'. They enjoyed being centre stage.

Afterwards they went outside to measure themselves next to the long-necked giraffe, who was much taller than any of the girls. Perhaps they will catch up by the time they move to Prep!

As lunchtime was fast approaching, they cleaned their hands with a wet wipe. When they had finished, they did not drop the wipes onto the ground but put them into the blue rubbish bin. We keep our playground tidy!

The Nursery girls were certainly ready for lunch!

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