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No Pens Day


01 December 2023

On Wednesday of this week girls in Westbourne, our Early Years setting, took part in National No Pen day.  This gave plenty of opportunity to focus on communication and language, one of the prime areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  

Reception girls focused on making words using plastic letters in playdough, playing CVC word games on the iPads and cutting and sticking day and night pictures in Mathematics. 

Kindergarten played mathematical board games and focused on communication, taking it in turns to speak and to listen to each other. They also took part in lots of physical activities, played many circle games and enjoyed some singing. 

In Nursery the children enjoyed listening to stories, playing with gloop, and they wrote their names in glitter. They also enjoyed colour mixing with their hands and using them to paint! 

We all very much enjoyed the day and took time for lots of social interactions.  It is clear that the girls at EHS have a rapidly expanding range of vocabulary!

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