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23 April 2021

As we have returned to school for the Summer Term the beautiful blossom trees that surround the Prep playground are ready to bloom.  We also had a visit on the first day of term, in Prep Hall, from our resident robin.  I think he was keen to join lessons too and had come to welcome the girls back to school. 

The abundance of nature in our setting has helped us to focus on our assembly theme for the week which has been based on the environment around us.  We began the week marking the birthday of the National Trust Charity and the work they have done to protect many miles of coastline and thousands of hectares of land for everyone to enjoy for many years to come.  We learnt that they have also been responsible for reintroducing several extinct species to the British countryside.

Our youngest girls focused on how lucky we are to have such a huge variety of flowers, fruits and animals in our world to enjoy.

Our week culminated in the marking of Earth Day in a special assembly during which Emily from Year 3 shared an eco pledge with everyone.  Many of the girls could be seen in school sporting their specially made badges, which were designed last year for this special day.  Each one of these is unique and raises the importance of looking after our environment.

This year’s Earth Day Challenge was for the girls to create an Eco Fairy Garden and they were credited for the number of natural materials they used.  The girls were very imaginative in the settings they chose and the interesting features they included.  They had certainly used their imaginations with great creativity.  The winners of the challenge were announced too.

It was very fitting that, in addition to awarding our weekly well done certificates, we were able to present  Katerina Thomas in Year 3 with her green Blue Peter badge.  Katerina is very active in helping to keep her local area litter free by working with other members of her local community.

The Prep pupils are clearly aware of the importance of the environment and the part they can play in protecting it.

We were also delighted to congratulate our Year 6 rookie lifeguards on their success in completing their bronze stage 1.  They took pride in being presented with their certificates and t shirts and are keen to begin training for the silver award.

We are looking forward to the events that the Summer Term will hold and to celebrating further successes.

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory School


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