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16 October 2020

Girls in Prep ‘bounced’ into school this week following our focus on positive thinking and showing our support of #HelloYellow Day on Friday.  We are going to continue to focus on this positive approach as the term progresses.

In our assemblies this week we have focused on the achievement of women particularly in STEM subjects as 13 October is Ada Lovelace Day.  The girls heard about Ada’s work so long ago on the Analytical Engine and the work of women in many STEM fields.  Year 3 also shared some of their career aspirations which included lawyers, teachers, doctors, fashion designer, vet, palaeontologist, scientist and astronaut amongst many others.

Our Year 5 girls enjoyed taking part in their Netball trials on Wednesday and Year 6 are looking forward to theirs next week.  Once the squads are established there will be internal competitions to look forward to.

Our Year 4 linguists are already enjoying their language challenge preparations and are hard at work learning new vocabulary.  Many other girls across the Prep School were inspired by our World Languages Day and are busy researching a country of their choice and the language spoken there.

Year 3 girls visited the pumpkin patch at our school allotment where they put their mathematical skills of estimating to good use.  They all had a chance to estimate the weight of the large pumpkin and we congratulate Grace, Talia and Emma for being closest to the actual weight of 8.7 kg.

In our Celebration Assembly this week we recognised many achievements including the presentation of three Headteacher’s Awards.  Upkar Dhindsa received her award for writing ‘A Book of Happiness’ inspired by last week’s focus.  Amaanah Visram was interviewed on BBC WM Radio about an etiquette course she had completed.  We were very proud of her confident and thoughtful answers to the interviewer’s questions.  Our third recipient was Aliyya Hanjra for creative writing following a visit to the Allotment.  Year 5 pupils were asked to write a short setting for a scene for some small Borrower type characters.  Congratulations to all!

Year 6 girls are looking forward to their weekend and their ‘Treat Day’ on Monday after completing their entrance examination for Senior School.  Time for a little relaxation after much hard work.

Monday is also our Harvest Assembly and girls are reminded to bring any food items to school for our celebration.  We also have Pink Day to look forward to on Wednesday as we finish this half term.

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory School

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