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15 September 2023

Everyone seems to have settled back into school well and the new members of our community are enjoying making friends and establishing routines.  Girls are also fully engaged in their education with a focus for us this year on creating independent learners who take responsibility for their learning.

We have looked at our school Behaviour Code this week to help us to play our part in making the school a safe, happy and friendly place to learn.  This has three key headings of manners, respect and responsibility.  Mrs Eveleigh has created a display outside the Science Lab to help remind us of our responsibility to respect the environment.  

The girls are also enjoying beginning their PE lessons and activities too.  They are keen to follow in the path of the athletes and sportswomen featured on our Inspirational Women display following a wonderful summer of women’s sport.

Our assemblies this week have marked Roald Dahl Day on Wednesday, 13 September.  We looked at the life of the author and what makes his books so popular.  Our Library, featuring our Dahl design sofa, was a focus to inspire the girls to read some of his classic tales.  We read an extract of George’s Marvellous Medicine and we are looking forward to finding out what the girls would put in their own magic mixture! 

We also marked International Dot Day which was held on 15 September.  Using the book by Peter H Reynolds as our inspiration the girls were encouraged to ‘make their mark’ by creating a dot design.  Their designs are as unique as they are and helped to reiterate our message to the girls of being proud of who they are.  Our display will help to remind the girls and we are enjoying watching it grow.

Mrs Aston reported back to the girls on the changes being made to our homework regime based on the results of the pupil survey held last year.  Showing the girls that their opinions and pupil voice can bring about change is important, and continued the message of ‘making their mark’.  We will monitor these new procedures as the term progresses but we are sure that the changes will help the girls with developing more independence.

Friday saw our Celebration Assembly with swimming medals for Ellise Eveleigh from the Boldmere Water Festival, a certificate for Aisha Hussain for attending a life support and medical course, a Grade 6 certificate with merit for Davica Roles on the piano and a Classical Indian Dance award for Aditi Mohanraj.  Jashvita Santhosh was also awarded certificates for winning first place at Science Camp and for a 50m swim and water safety course.  EHS girls have such a broad range of talents and skills! 

The girls have also been introduced to our extensive co-curricular programme and making choices of new and established activities.  The clubs will begin over the next two weeks and we know they will become fully involved and make the most of the opportunities on offer.

Having held two Parents’ Information Evenings this week we are looking forward to welcoming parents from Years 1 and 2 into school on Monday evening.  We hope these meetings have built some strong ‘In Partnership’ foundations for the year ahead.  Please look out next week for the announcements of our Year 6 posts of responsibility.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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