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12 February 2021

In last Friday’s Celebration Assembly we congratulated Amelia In Year 4 who was announced as the Prep Winner in the Winter Wildlife Art Competition.  There were congratulations also for Eliza and Florence for their stunning entries.  We also celebrated the end of Storytelling week with Fable Friday with congratulations to Year 5 girls on the fables they had created.  Well done to all.

Everyone was also encouraged to take some time to relax and read a book at the weekend, as we had also highlighted, as part of Children’s Mental Health Week, the importance of taking time out of our busy schedules.

This week has seen the celebration of several other important topics.  We have marked Safer Internet Day with girls from Reception to Year 6, following the chosen theme of ‘An Internet We Trust’.  Girls have been reminded that whilst we can gain so much from the internet we must also remember that not everything can be completely relied upon as being correct.  Girls have been encouraged to be Digital Detectives and check information thoroughly using a range of sources.  We hope they will keep the Top Tips in mind to stay safe.

We are impressed by the curriculum work being produced in each year group and we look forward to seeing the photographs and videos uploaded by the girls each day.  The Year 1 ‘Bubble’ poems and paintings were very creative this week and Year 4 helped to cheer us up with their sprinkles of kindness on one of their pastoral check-in activities.

We have also launched a focus on the Commonwealth Games, coming to Birmingham in 531 days!  The girls were reminded what the Commonwealth is and the location of the member countries.  Miss Dawes introduced the family PE Commonwealth Challenge being run in Birmingham, which we hope many of our families will take part in. 

Thursday afternoon was spent undertaking some Beyond the Curriculum activities in preparation for the arrival of athletes from all over the world.  We want them to feel welcomed to Birmingham.

We have also enjoyed meeting families at our Parents’ Evenings this week.  It has been good to see parents who we have missed seeing regularly at school.

I close wishing our families a Happy Chinese New Year and hoping that everyone enjoys the half term break, working and relaxing together on our various challenges.  Do remember to keep us posted on your endeavours!

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory School


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