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06 September 2019

In our first assembly of the new term we welcomed everyone back to Prep after the summer holiday.  We welcomed new girls to each year in school and some new members of staff who we are sure will all settle quickly into EHS. It was clear that whilst girls had enjoyed the holiday and travelled far and wide, they were glad to be back at school to renew their friendships and get back to work.

We also welcomed Mrs Macro, the new Headmistress, to Prep Assembly. Sofia and Nadia, our Head and Deputy Head Girls, carried out their first job by interviewing Mrs Macro so that we could find out a little more about her. We hope that Mrs Macro will enjoy joining us for the wide variety of activities that take place in Prep.

We also started the term with some news to celebrate. We were awarded the Guinea Gardens trophy for the many prizes won at the Annual Allotment Competition. This was presented to our Year 6 gardeners and you can read more about this success in the separate article.

Girls who have moved into Year 3 also had a surprise when they arrived back to a thank you card from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They had made and sent a card to commemorate the birth of their son, Archie, when they were in Year 2.

We are sure there will be many other events and achievements to celebrate in the coming term and we look forward to seeing parents next week from all groups for our Information Evenings.

Welcome back!

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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