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05 March 2021

After the glorious weather at the weekend, we began this week with a spring themed assembly to mark St David’s Day.  We focused on the traditional celebrations that take place on the patron saint of Wales’ day and on spring being all around us.  A vase of beautiful daffodils framed the background.

This fitted well with some of the work being done in Reception where the girls have written some ‘silly sentences’ independently in their literacy lesson.  They also painted some daffodils and made a life size scarecrow.

Looking towards next week and the return to school of all girls, in our assemblies on Tuesday and Wednesday, we focused on being happy, and how we can make others happy too.  We shared interesting facts about smiles and learnt that someone who studies laughter is a gelotologist. 

Girls in Westbourne focused on this theme as they marked national ‘I want you to be happy’ day on Wednesday.  They dressed up in as many bright colours as they could and thought of ways to cheer other people up.

Also linked to this theme the Prep girls in Years 4, 5 and 6 have designed posters to recognise and encourage optimism and what it means to be optimistic. This has been a very valuable quality to have had over the past year and to take forward over the coming months.

We can demonstrate the breadth of the topics being covered with a closer look at Year 2.  In their Geography lessons Year 2 have been learning about the journey of the River Thames from its source to the mouth. They have illustrated this journey with some of the London landmarks they had already discovered.  They have also found out about Mary Seacole in History and written letters to her as if they were soldiers in the Crimean War.

In Science and Art, the girls have looked at light and shadow and created some dramatic scenes using shadow puppets.  They have also studied electrical appliances and designed some safety posters.  This has all been in addition to a daily Mathematics and English lesson and French, Music and PE lessons during the week.  Girls across the Prep school have all worked on as broad range of subjects.

We will report further on our World Book Day exploits which took place on Thursday 4 March in next week’s article. 

I close this week with congratulations to two of our guitarists who have both gained distinctions in their classical guitar grade examinations.  Freya Boocock in Grade One and Harveen Kaur in the Initial Grade.

We are really looking forward to having everyone back at school next week as we return with the motto that at EHS ‘Everyone Has Smiles.’

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory School

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