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04 December 2020

In the Prep School we started the week with launching Christmas.  The post boxes were all ready to receive the large volume of mail and Christmas trees were on display.  At the end of Monday, Year 6 girls helped us to officially light up the school tree donated by EHSPA.  They entertained us with a seasonal selection of music on the hand bells before Esme, our Head Girl, switched on the lights.

Trees have featured throughout the week as we have celebrated National Tree Week.  Girls have been challenged to make a study of a tree of their choice in their garden or nearby.  They can produce a factual poster, sketch the tree or write a poem or story to submit and I am looking forward to the results. 

On Tuesday Year 6 enjoyed a visit from the Young Shakespeare company.  They took part in an interactive workshop based on the play, Macbeth.  The clear and accessible interpretation of Shakespeare’s play contained strong characterisation which brought the play alive.  Pupils were encouraged to make comments about the thoughts, feelings, emotions and motives of the characters and the Year Six staff were impressed by the children’s participation in these tasks. Volunteers from among the girls were chosen to become individual characters in the story of Macbeth and all the pupils had the opportunity to speak and enjoy Shakespeare’s words.

Many girls have been enjoying a wealth of Christmas crafts too.  In Year 2 they have made tree calendars and designed some new vehicles for Santa to deliver his presents.  They used their developing DT skills well.

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed handling ancient fossilised teeth with care and amazement, whilst looking for clues about the diet of these animals. The girls also could not help but browse through our brand new fossil collection.

Year 4 have been focused on extending their History study of the Tudors.  There was a visit from King Henry and his wives and the girls all made a pomander.  This was all linked to the production of their Tudor play which has been filmed this week.  Did you know that sprouts were first eaten in Tudor times?  At least we know whom to blame! 

Meanwhile Year 5 have been very much in the present time with their Geography studies as they have interviewed a dairy farmer in Scotland via Facetime about his farming methods. They asked about his sustainability, eco-friendliness and day-to-day life of being a farmer.

In Year 1 after such a busy week they have worked on ‘Peace at Last’ and created a lovely display of the favourite story.  They still had energy though to take part in some craft activities in After School care.  They enjoyed creating a scene in a fish tank and shared their knowledge of starfish with staff.

On Thursday, in assembly we marked International Day of Disabled Persons with the news that Prep has adopted a Guide Dog puppy, Sprout and two Hearing Dog puppies, Bertie and Gordon.  Zahra in Year 3 told everyone about the hard work involved in raising and training these puppies and we look forward to regular pupdates on their progress.

We are looking forward to a week of festivities next week in the last week of this term. 

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory School

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