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Launch of Switch Off Fortnight

09 November 2018

On return from the half term break our Eco Reps from Years 1 - 6 launched the Switch Off Fortnight campaign. They explained about the damaging effects of burning fossil fuels and the importance of saving energy.

Girls were encouraged to switch items off and not leave them on standby, boil only the amount of water required rather than a kettle full, take shorter showers and wear an extra jumper on cold days instead of turning the heating up.  

The Reps will be making regular checks around school to assess progress and will be leaving a ‘calling card’ if they find any items left on.  All classes are working hard to avoid receiving these!  The girls have also been encouraged to make a pledge, with their families, to save electricity where they can.  

Carrying on with this theme, girls were asked to find activities and games that do not require electrical power. Some of them took the challenge to use paper cutting skills to produce snowflakes. We will use these to decorate the school later in the term.

We hope everyone will be involved in our environmental efforts.

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