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Macbeth magic

09 November 2018

Year 6 very much enjoyed a visit from the Young Shakespeare Company this week, watching and participating in a play which was a fast-paced introduction to Macbeth. The thought-provoking, entertaining and insightful performance was outstanding!

The clear and accessible interpretation of Shakespeare’s play contained bold staging and strong characterisation which brought the play alive. 

Pupils were encouraged by the actors to make comments about the thoughts, feelings, emotions and motives of the characters and the Year 6 staff were impressed by the children’s participation in these tasks. Volunteers from among the girls were chosen to become individual characters in the story of Macbeth and all the pupils had the opportunity to speak and enjoy Shakespeare’s words. Pupils and teachers alike agreed that it was a rich and valuable experience that had them spellbound from start to finish!

Our Newshounds, Lily and Zaynab, report that the performance was a good experience because it was lifelike and got everyone involved.  They interviewed Anoukh and Kareena who said the witches were very frightening but the workshop was the best yet!

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