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To Ancient Egypt and back

17 May 2019

On Wednesday, Year 6 experienced life in Ancient Egypt, a fantastic event that transported them back in time.

The school hall was transformed into an Ancient Egyptian market, where the children got the opportunity to make many Egyptian artefacts and experience the skills used in this era. They were able to practise mummification, bread making, making wax scented perfume cones, try hieroglyphic writing on papyrus, making canopic jars, creating dream beads and carving scarab beetles!

The market was a very lively place with guards being chosen and trained, rats infesting the market place and so much gossip going on all around. The Egyptian Queen went around approving, or on occasions disapproving, of the children’s creations. 

In the afternoon, the Royal Court was set up and the food was prepared for a magnificent Ancient Egypt banquet. The children were allocated roles and tasks to complete which they executed with vigour. Dances and plays were performed whilst the banquet was served by the ‘slaves’. There was also a trial for the accused, where the Pharaoh reached a verdict of guilty and as a result the accused was taken away and beheaded!

It was a superb day that the children will all remember and this is thanks to the History off the Page company, the support from fantastic volunteer parents and the children for their immense enthusiasm! Miss Howarth would like to thank all those involved in making this an excellent experience which really did bring History ‘off the page’.

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