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Onatti Theatre delights pupils with Spanish play

08 February 2019

On Wednesday 30 January 2019, girls in Years 8 -10 who are learning Spanish had the opportunity to see ‘El Viejo Saloon’, a play in Spanish performed by native actors from the Gloucestershire based theatre company ‘Onatti’. 

‘El Viejo Saloon’ or ‘The Old Saloon’, was an entertaining play in which an old saloon sets the scene for different characters to meet and interact in some rather comical situations.

The play was hugely enjoyable, and it provided all girls with a valuable opportunity to develop their listening skills at the same time as widen their Spanish vocabulary. The girls thought that it was “cleverly staged, as well as funny and interactive”. 

On behalf of the MFL department, I would like to thank all girls involved for their enthusiasm. In particular, Lucille (8S), Ameera (8B) and Davina (9PM) demonstrated a real flair for performance as they were asked by the actors to participate in part of the play. Elin (8S) also responded quite humorously to the amorous advances of a puppet - all in Spanish, of course. But a very special mention must go to Natalia (10W), who kindly agreed at the very last minute to act as the barmaid in the old saloon throughout the whole play. It could not have been done without her cooperation. 

Overall, all girls responded very well and helped make this once more a very rewarding experience.

Mr Flox Nieva
Head of Spanish

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