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Museum trip for Year 9 Geographers

Senior School

25 January 2019

On Wednesday 6 February, the Geography department are taking girls in Year 9 to the Natural History Museum in London. The purpose of the visit is to explore the earthquakes and volcanoes gallery; this will be a great opportunity for girls to consolidate their understanding of the Plate Tectonics topic. The gallery boasts film footage, exhibits, interactive games and an earthquake simulator alongside casts of victims from the 79AD Mount Vesuvius eruption, fossils from when our continents were joined and heat suits worn by volcanologists.

Girls will also have the opportunity to explore the rest of the museum, enabling them to learn more about a range of subjects including dinosaurs and evolution.

The letters for this trip have been sent to the parent portal and include further information about the logistics on the day.

We look forward to an exciting day in London!

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