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Kindergarten problem solvers help The Gingerbread Man

25 January 2019

As part of our 'Once Upon a Time' topic, K1 have been looking at the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. 

We discussed why the gingerbread man did not swim across the river and what would happen to him if he did. The girls thought he would become soggy and so we tested this by putting a gingerbread man in water. We watched him, very quickly, get soggy and fall apart and we all agreed it was a good idea that he did not swim across the river. The girls loved the feel of the soggy and squishy gingerbread man.

The following day we talked about different ways that the gingerbread man could cross the river and the girls came up with the idea of a bridge or a boat. 

The girls then built a raft for their gingerbread man. They had a choice of materials to select from: different sized lollipop sticks, blu tac, sticky tape, wool and glue. Once they had decided what they wanted to use to make their rafts, they experimented by using different materials and changing their minds until they felt their rafts were complete. The challenge was to make the raft big enough and strong enough to hold the gingerbread man afloat for at least five seconds. The next step was to test the rafts on water and I'm very proud to say they all floated.  

The girls had a great time trying to solve this problem for the gingerbread man. Very well done, K1! 

Mrs Roberts
K1 Form Teacher

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