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Medics in the making

17 January 2020

This week, Year 6 took part in the much anticipated Medical Mavericks workshop; a highlight of our calendar. 

Girls were introduced to a variety of procedures used in hospitals and doctor surgeries. They learned how to read an ultrasound screen while scanning for growth plates in their arm; took an ECG recording of their healthy hearts and used real needles to take blood from an arm. 

Budding surgeons were tested to their limits with key-hole surgery equipment and all girls were amazed by the infra-red vein scanner. Girls also enjoyed measuring their blood pressure, oxygen levels peak respiratory flow, testing their reflexes and hearing. 

The workshop culminated in pupils learning about joint replacements, using a stethoscope to listen to their heartbeat and experiencing visual impairments. 

What a fantastic opportunity for the girls to learn skills involved with the medical profession, one that they all thoroughly enjoyed.

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