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Life-Saving Skills and Equipment for EHS

18 June 2021

This week we received a defibrillator courtesy of EHS’s Parents Association which has been fixed to the wall down by the pavilion should we ever need to use it.

The arrival of this piece of vital life-saving equipment is particularly timely given recent events on the football pitch where, last weekend, Danish midfielder, Christian Eriksen, collapsed mid-match and had to be resuscitated on the pitch. According to the medical team on site it was the quick execution of the defibrillation and CPR that made the difference.

It is also a stark reminder of why our in-house life-saving and first aid expert, Michelle Hayward’s, training sessions are so important. Over the past few weeks Michelle has been running training sessions for girls on how to conduct CPR and use a defibrillator. By the end of this term all girls from Years 6 to 13 will have been taught how to do both. The girls have also been given an understand of how important it is to get a defibrillator to a casualty who may have suffered a cardiac arrest as the casualty’s chance of survival drops 7-10% for each minute one is not applied. They have also learnt how to treat a choking casualty, how to apply slings, treat bleeds and place a casualty in a recovery position.  

We sincerely hope they never have to use these newly acquired skills but should a life-threatening situation ever present itself, we are confident that they will know what to do.


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