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23 March 2018

Don't know what to read next? Stuck reading the same books over and over? Want a suggestion you can trust? These top picks will include books from all genres, new or old and are hand-picked by the librarian to pique your interest. The best bit is they are all available in the school library.

1984 by George Orwell – suitable for Year 9+

“1984” is a dystopian novel. Published in 1949 it predicted 1984 with terrifying accuracy. It follows a rather uninteresting middle aged man, Winston, as he navigates life in a world where neighbour turns on neighbour, even the TV screen is a spy and Big Brother is always watching. Constantly at war with someone, ‘Airstrip One’ (previously Great Britain) is home to our protagonist Winston who works in the Ministry of Truth where he daily rewrites past newspaper articles to reflect the current views of the government. A challenging read that is well worth it!

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis – suitable for all

“The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” is the most well-known of C.S Lewis’ books and now a film adaptation. It is a timeless story of a young girl who finds an entirely new world through the back of a wardrobe. Finding herself in Narnia for the first time Lucy has the difficult task of making her three older, slightly more sensible siblings believe her. Destined for greatness, the four of them must overcome some strong resistance and learn a lot in the process. A timeless classic to tick off the list!

Looking for Alaska by John Green – suitable for Year 9+

“Looking for Alaska” is a lesser known novel from John Green, author of “The Fault in our Stars”. Miles’ life has been a non-event until he starts at Culver Creek Boarding School. Meeting new people including the aloof Alaska Young changes Miles’ life forever. Charismatic and fascinating she pulls Miles into her world, changes his life and steals his heart. A heart-wrenching book with unexpected turns and a realistic look at grief. Exploring the value of living and loving unconditionally, it’s a must read for any John Green fans!

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