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16 March 2018

Don't know what to read next? Stuck reading the same books over and over? Want a suggestion you can trust? These top picks will include books from all genres, new or old and are hand-picked by the librarian to pique your interest. The best bit is they are all available in the school library.

Beyond the Deepwoods - by Paul Stewart - suitable for all

“Beyond the Deepwoods” was the first in the Edge Chronicle series, a fantasy novel set on ‘The Edge’ a world with its own logic and inhabited by trolls and sky pirates. Twig must leave home for the first time, but upon straying from the path an adventure far grander than just visiting the extended family unfolds. With hoverworms, banderbears, poisonous fruits, flesh eating trees and the dreaded Gloamglozer – it seems everything is out to get Twig as he tries desperately to just get home. A fast paced book full of twists and turns!

Fahrenheit 451 - by Ray Bradbury - suitable for Year 9+

“Fahrenheit 451” is a challenging dystopian novel by Bradbury, where firemen set fires instead of putting them out. In a world where the TV is sacred and books are banned, our protagonist must burn down the homes of illegal book lovers. A real exploration of oppression and the importance of the written word, it is a classic that is well worth a read!

The Bad Beginning - by Lemony Snicket - suitable for all

“The Bad Beginning” is the first novel in The Series of Unfortunate Events, following the story of the Baudelaire orphans. After their home mysteriously burnt down killing their parents, so begins their new life moving from home to home, trying to escape the clutches of their unusual and tenuously linked relative Count Olaf. A wonderful series full of snarky narration and plot twists!

The Hunger Games - by Suzanne Collins - suitable for all

“The Hunger Games” made famous by Jennifer Lawrence is also a brilliant read, with Katniss Everdeen simultaneously fighting and being subjected to the system. Entered into The Hunger Games, she must fight for her life against 23 other ‘lucky’ contestants. Promised riches and peace should she win, the only thing that stands in her way is a gory battle to the death in an unknown location helped only by the audience at home. Worth a read even if you’ve seen the film (the book is better)!

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