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Academic lecture well-received

17 November 2017

After school on Tuesday 14 November, EHS girls had the opportunity to attend an Academic Lecture from Roanna Burgess, Consultant Physiotherapist for the NHS. Roanna was Senior Physiotherapist for the Ministry of Defence for 10 years based out of RAF Cosford and is currently completing her PHD in Benchmarking muscular skeletal services.

Roanna delivered a lecture on the knee, in particular the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). The lecture detailed the most common causes of the injury, the testing the physiotherapists conduct to diagnose the injury and injury treatment and preventions. EHS girls also observed video footage of players sadly suffering from this injury.

All the girls were fascinated by the lecture and a number had their passion for physiotherapy and rehabilitation ignited even further. This was a fantastic opportunity for the girls and Roanna’s advice to secure work experience before applying for any undergraduate to physio course was invaluable.

Year 11 Girls commented:

“Really useful and enjoyable lecture.”

“I look forward to telling my sister all about this as this is the injury she has sustained!”

“I want to be a physio even more now.”

We thank Roanna for her time and for delivering such an enjoyable lecture.

We look forward to the next academic lecture on Friday 12 January 2018 from 3.30-4.30pm when we will be joined by Dr Michael Scott from Warwick University who will talk about 'The Gritty Realities of Ancient Greece'.

Dr Scott completed his training at Cambridge, where he was also the Moses and Mary Finley Research Fellow in ancient history at Darwin College, as well as an Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Classics. He has taught widely in the UK and Greece, and his research is focused on using inter-disciplinary approaches to the literary, epigraphic and material evidence to investigate ancient Greek and Roman society. He also writes articles for national and international newspapers and magazines, takes part in radio programmes, and has written and presented several TV series about the ancient world for History Channel, National Geographic, BBC and ITV.

Further details will be available in the coming weeks. Any parents interested in attending the lecture should send an email for the attention of Mrs Batchelor in the first instance:


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