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10 November 2023

On Tuesday, the Prep School hosted some important visitors. Firstly, we welcomed John Claughton, co-founder of the WoLLoW (World of Languages and Languages of the World) scheme and secondly, Joe Dale, a well-known expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT.

Teachers from as far afield as Sheffield and Farnham travelled to EHS to attend the event. They commented on how important it was to attend a CPD event in person and they gained many valuable ideas to use in their teaching, particularly of Prep Modern Foreign Languages. The staff were also impressed with the Prep School facilities and the excellent behaviour of our girls.

WoLLoW is a scheme that is designed to be taught alongside the teaching of a language to help to gain a deeper understanding of the origins, history, geography and grammatical make-up of a language. It is very inclusive in that it allows those who speak other languages to draw on what they know and to give everyone the incentive and curiosity to learn more.  Madame Hennous has incorporated this approach into her French Scheme of Work this year and it is proving very popular with the girls.

The world of AI is something that cannot be ignored. By gaining a greater understanding of how both pupils and teachers can generate work and resources, we can provide all concerned with the tools to adapt to an ever-changing technological world. Joe Dale showed how to produce classroom resources quickly and effectively using AI and ChatGPT and shared various ways in which pupils can safely use certain AI applications. It certainly has inspired all attendees to try new concepts using AI as a basis. 

Our sincere thanks to our guest speakers.

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