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French language play 'La salle des énigmes'

01 March 2019

On Tuesday 12 February, The Onatti Theatre Company from Gloucestershire came into school to perform a play in French called ‘La salle des énigmes’. All girls who study French in Years 8, 9 and 10 attended. It was an enjoyable, entertaining and educational performance in French, with extensive use of mime and visuals to support the language. A very big thank you to the Year 8 girls who volunteered to take part on the stage: Lucille Sutton, Ruth Christian, Emmie McLaughan and Aminah Munir.

A pupil in Year 10 shared her views:

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of viewing the French play 'La salle des énigmes' meaning 'code room'. The play involved a man and a woman who were planning to go to a games room with two of their friends. However, the friends who were meant to join them suddenly had to cancel. Therefore, they selected two Year 8 girls in order to enter and find the code to escape. 

Once they 'entered' the room, the girls were split up into different parts of the room so they needed to find a way to communicate in order to reunite. They found a tube on each of their sides which they could talk through; this allowed them to understand how to get back together. The woman then discovered a door which would bring them all back together and so the man and the girl tried to find clues and numbers which could solve the code needed to open the door. 

Once opened they needed to find part of a sentence which would allow them to finally crack the code to escape the room. To find the parts of this sentence, two other girls were selected to find clues. They found the clues through pictures, tea cups and other miscellaneous objects around the room. At last they retrieved all the parts of the sentence which they had to read aloud in order to escape! Overall this was a great play which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Onella Samuel-Thambiah 

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