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Sustainable design challenge for Year 10

26 January 2018

The BBC television series ‘Blue Planet II’ has been successful in showcasing the incredible beauty of the ocean, but has also played a key role in highlighting the environmental catastrophe that we face with the increase of plastics polluting the eco-system.

This year, GCSE Design and Textiles students in Year 10 are delighted to have been offered the opportunity to work with a leading name in sustainability for a design challenge with a difference.

Jutexpo is the UK’s leading provider of reusable bags and is at the forefront of sustainability. They specialise in manufacturing their products from ethically-produced Jute and recycled PET, a recycled polyester originally made from fossil fuels. Jutexpo is best known for its sustainable shopping bags and you cannot fail to have seen examples of these bags in retail outlets such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Sam Turner from Jutexpo visited EHS on Thursday 18 January to deliver a design brief to our students. They have been tasked with designing and producing a prototype of a sustainable bag that features a dual function. It must be made out of two or more sustainable fabrics, be influenced by sea life and must also inspire others to consider sustainability and environmental issues.

The girls made the most of the visit to gather vital information for their research ahead of embarking on the project, looking at samples and the range of products already on the market. From their meeting with ‘the client’ they were able to gain a detailed insight into the textiles industry, including the processes of designing, manufacturing and retail, and to ascertain a clear idea of the brief.

Jutexpo has kindly provided the girls with fabrics and components to use on their prototype bags. Mr Turner will return to EHS mid-way through the design process to check the students’ progress. We look forward to seeing some real innovation and creativity from our students - watch this space!

Mrs Mooney and Miss Cummings
Design and Textiles

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