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Jungle Jonathan Swings Through Prep


05 May 2023

Year 4 girls welcomed a visitor to Prep on Friday when Jungle Jonathan brought some rainforest friends to help enrich their Geography studies. The girls have shared their experiences:

“When I was waiting to go into the hall, I felt the adrenaline running though my body! At the same time, I was nervous but super excited. I entered the hall and saw two big boxes on the table; Jonathan asked what we would like to see? There were pictures on the screen of snakes and other insects. Most children said snakes and spiders……. We were not disappointed! 

“The first animal was a pill millipede called Pilly. We all got to hold her and it felt like bristles of a tangle teaser hairbrush. Next was a lizard called Pongo. The group stroked Pongo who felt like silk. The tarantulas were super cute especially Elsa, the tiny blue one. She was 19 days old. The big tarantula was Ruby.

“Then came what we had all been waiting for, Ruby the red and black snake. I felt it breathing because I was holding her lungs”. (CH) 

“I was very excited to hold and feel her beautiful, smooth skin. It was very funny as she tried to go into my friend’s armpit!” (NK)

“I absolutely loved the experience!” (CH)

“Jungle Jonathan’ was an amazing day!” (NK)

Written by Charlotte and Natalia in 4M

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