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Head Girl Gives Final Edge Talk

Sixth Form

12 May 2023

Edge Talks are an opportunity for students from Year 9 and above to give short talks on subjects they are passionate about. From space exploration to human rights to musical expression and personal growth, the range of subjects is diverse and students need no prior public speaking experience. 

This week it was the turn of Sana, our Senior School Head Girl, and the very first student to ever deliver an Edge Talk at EHS, who had the honour of giving what would be her final address to EHS. 

Sana is passionate about the ‘growth mindset’ and shared with the girls some advice that she herself has found helpful during her time in school:

•    “With hard work comes results. This is proof that you are who you say you are, which in turn unlocks your confidence.”
•    “Think about who you are versus who you could be; take every opportunity.”
•    “Believe in yourself and believe in those around you.”
•    “Your job is to believe in yourself. I am a product of hard work but also of all the other people that believe in me.”

The audience was impressed by Sana's very relatable talk which was truly outstanding, and delivered with a level of poise not often associated with someone of her age. She ended by saying: "I can’t quite believe that this is my final talk as Head Girl and my final week at EHS. I have come so far because EHS believed in me. So thank you to everyone for supporting me in my journey.”

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, Sana, we wish you well!

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