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It was Rocket Science!

28 February 2020

Year 6 arrived at West House School with some apprehension, wondering what the boys' school had in store for them. 

They were introduced to rocket science and the physics behind making a rocket that would fly into space. Pupils worked in groups to build their own rockets from paper, ensuring they were airtight.  We then used an air pump to test the rockets and see which went the furthest; the girls’ or the boys’ rocket. Well done to Amy Walker whose rocket went so far over a tree, it landed in another part of the school! 

Next, the groups worked together to build a water powered rocket to answer the question: 'How much water is needed to make the rocket fly the furthest?' They found that actually not much water is needed at all. 

They also found out that they need not have worried so much about the morning as they had really enjoyed the experience of working together and with the boys. 

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