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Inktober is coming back to the library!

25 September 2020

With last year’s Inktober remembered fondly by the girls at EHS Senior School, Miss Lee just had to do it again but this time, she has some help. Miss Spencer-Jolly will be participating with Miss Lee to draw something for each day of October using the prompt words provided by the official Inktober website.

Last year we had over 120 drawing submissions, with some girls continuing on during the half-term break. All of the girls who participated received prizes for their hard work, earning them many fancy pens. This year, we will continue to give out prizes to anyone who does the following:

  • Every TWO drawings submitted to Miss Lee (in person or via emailed photo) will earn you a prize

Some girls were very dedicated last year, doing almost every prompt! So, Miss Lee decided that those girls should get a bigger prize. There will now be TWO GRAND PRIZES to be decided at the end of October:

  1. Best Drawing - To be decided by the Art Department
  2. Most Drawings Submitted - Miss Lee will keep track, so please remember to put your name and form on your drawings!

If you have any questions or would like to see the prompt works for Inktober, come to the library or see any staff member in the Art Department for more details!

Miss Lee

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