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18 October 2019

It is with surprise that I realise that these Friday Headlines will mark the end of my first half term at EHS. It feels in so many ways as if I have just begun, but equally as if I have always been here. I remain as impressed with the girls as I was on the first day. They have excelled in so many ways over this half term as you will have seen from all the headlines and tweets from the last seven weeks. If you do not already do so, please follow us on twitter @Edgbaston_High or @EHS_Head

The sixth form have shown great leadership on multiple occasions. I have asked them to give a vote of thanks at a moment's notice, speak in front of prospective parents, set an example to the rest of the school, act as guides, help put at ease 250 Year 6 pupils sitting the entrance examination, and every time they have risen brilliantly to the occasion. One Sixth Former on entrance examination day was heard giving her table of prospective pupils, who were a little nervous at the approaching examination, a motivational talk to enable them to go and take the examination by storm. She was more of a headmistress than I am! 

All year groups have inspired me over the last few weeks. At the prep assembly last week every girl and member of staff sported something yellow for 'Hello Yellow' to support children's mental health on World Mental Health Day. I still have my spotted yellow hair bow and have attached it to my handbag to remind me of the girls listening intently to a very thoughtful presentation and laughing at some wonderful images designed to leave us feeling uplifted and happy. Taking care of our mental health is of fundamental importance and to see it handled with such care and sensitivity with some of our youngest pupils was so heartening. It has also been my great pleasure to meet many EHS Year 6 pupils in the last few days and I look forward to meeting many more after half term. 

As you will read below, some of our Year 10, gave an outstanding assembly on Wednesday to mark Black History Month. Please take some time to read the poem that they read at the end of the assembly. It was a powerful way to end a powerful presentation. They all spoke with confidence and there was no doubting their belief and conviction in what they were delivering. As they were speaking I hoped that they might mention Maya Angelou and I was not disappointed. I was so pleased that they brought before the whole school such an inspirational woman. As I said to the senior school afterwards Maya Angelou penned one of my favourite quotes where she speaks of young women grabbing life and shutting out the doubters and naysayers. EHS girls are independent young women, and I delight in seeing and hearing this on a daily basis. 

I wish everyone a good half term.

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