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Gothic Film and Book Club gets underway

17 November 2017

On Thursday 2 November, a group of Year 12 and 13 English Literature students met for the first Gothic Film and Book Club. Gothic Literature is on the A level curriculum so this forum provided the ideal opportunity to read around the subject as much as possible.

Our wider reading book this term is ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ by Jean Rhys. The story is a prequel to ‘Jane Eyre’ and centres on a woman called Antoinette who slowly descends into madness at the hands of her English husband. To inspire our reading, we watched the most recent film version of ‘Jane Eyre’. We had a pleasant evening gaining more insight into the Gothic genre. As romantics, Tahani and I particularly enjoyed the film and the popcorn and crisps went down well too. We will be meeting again on Thursday 23 November to discuss the connections between the two texts.

Cecilia Obazee, Year 12

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