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Geographers head to Carding Mill Valley

29 September 2017

GCSE Geographers in Year 11 visited Carding Mill Valley on Wednesday in order to undertake a river study; this field trip will then be assessed through their GCSE examinations.

We arrived at Carding Mill Valley, armed with wellington boots and waterproofs, and met our National Trust guides. After collecting our equipment, each group began by studying either the upper, middle or lower course of the valley before moving on to the others. This involved a number of activities, including wading into the water and collecting rocks (bed load) and using corks to measure the velocity of the river. Excellent catching skills meant that nobody lost the cork, or landed with a splash!

In true EHS style, the girls demonstrated excellent teamwork and measured all of the sites with enough efficiency to allow for a hot chocolate before boarding the coach and returning back to school.

Mrs Hughes

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