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Geographers complete fieldwork expedition to Barcelona

16 March 2018

On Monday 5 March, 12 girls studying Geography A Level left a very snowy Birmingham for the sunshine of Barcelona. The girls arrived in the seaside town of Sitges in the early afternoon and headed straight out for a walk along the promenade to take in their surroundings and to begin thinking about the physical processes at work along the coast.

The next day, the girls travelled to the vibrant city of Barcelona. The train journey to Barcelona included some spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea which made a nice change from the snow drifts of the week before! Once in the city, the girls set off to investigate Le Reval, an area of the city that has undergone regeneration. The girls carried out a range of fieldwork methods to collect their data, taking in the sights of the city as they worked.

At lunch, the girls watched a fusion of dance and Geography as a performance artist performed ‘Origami’, a piece inspired by one of the A Level Geography topics - Globalisation. The girls were given some free time in the afternoon to explore the city and many took the opportunity to explore the shops and cafés around the Plaça de Catalunya. That evening, the girls processed their data and began to think about how they could use the fieldwork techniques practised to conduct their own investigations back in the UK.

The next day, the girls began their investigation into the coastline of Sitges, carrying out a wide range of methods to collate data about beach profiles, sediment alignment and much more. This information helped the girls to understand the decisions made by the local government regarding coastal management, and enabled them to assess the effectiveness of the chosen coastal defences. The girls were able to spend some free time on the beach and exploring the old town of Sitges. That evening, the girls processed data and considered how they might use statistical testing to analyse their results.

Our first trip to Barcelona was most definitely a success and the girls all enjoyed the opportunity to carry out their fieldwork investigations in the sunshine. We look forward to our return next year!

Miss Massey

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