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Future scientists learn about the solar system


09 March 2018

On Thursday 1 March, although the weather was not very Spring like, Year 2 girls and staff visited Thinktank in Birmingham to extend their Science studies.

They visited the Planetarium which they thoroughly enjoyed. They watched the Little Star meet all the planets of the Solar System and then realised that the Star was really Sol or the Sun!

The interactive workshop attended at Thinktank focused on Colour and Light. The girls investigated the properties of materials and discovered whether they reflected light or were a source of light. In the next activity they followed the story of King Opaque and his castle.

Year 2 followed up their visit to Thinktank with an exciting experiment to make a complete electrical circuit in the classroom. There were shrieks of excitement as each bulb lit up. Girls pooled their resources and made extra-long circuits on each table.

The girls wanted to tell their parents about our investigation and were keen to follow it up at home - definite scientists in the making.

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