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09 July 2021

We have talked about Olympic ideals and the resilience needed by athletes whilst training and competing in competitions and we were delighted to see all of the expected qualities in abundance in our three Sports Day events. These took place on Friday 2 July at the EHS sports ground in perfect weather.

The day began with the girls from Westbourne. Nursery, Kindergarten and our Reception classes all held their own range of races whilst competing in their individual bubbles. Nursery held their own opening ceremony using the parachute and this was followed by races involving a wide range of different skills. Kindergarten and Reception girls also enjoyed their events which included running, egg and spoon, jumping and obstacle races.

It was the turn of Years 1 and 2 next. They took part in their Houses which was the first time for some of them as we were not able to hold Sports Day last year. This was a much noisier event as the girls supported each other with loud cheering. It was good to hear them supporting both their Housemates and friends in other Houses too. We were impressed by the girls’ performances in all of the relay races.

Our Sports Day continued with the girls from Years 3 - 6 competing. All of the field competitions had taken place in lessons throughout the week so the event was comprised of track events. These included 60m, 80m, 100m, 200m, 600m and a variety of relay races including shuttle, ‘Roo and hurdles. There were a number of novelty races for the girls to enjoy too although these required just as many concentrated skills.

In the Prep Department the scores of the two key stages were added together and the winning House was announced as Johnson. Our congratulations to all girls who participated so well on Prep Sports Day.

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