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Freya's charitable trip to Goa

19 January 2018

In December, Year 9 pupil Freya travelled to Goa to work closely with the charity Goa Outreach in a bid to support children living in slums and orphanages.

She spent a week of the holidays supporting children and families in need, donating much-needed medical supplies, clothes, toys and food. During her time there, she helped to build plastic shelters and saw first-hand how the education system worked.

The slum area that Freya visited in Goa has very poor sanitation. Some of the people she met had very little food and poor hygiene, and as a result disease and illness is rife. The problem is exacerbated by a lack of access to the local services. The reality is that without the work of Goa Outreach and volunteers like Freya these children have a very slim chance of escaping the cycle of poverty. Goa Outreach is a registered charity that helps get children into schools and assists with maintaining their education. They also provide street and slum children with essential medicine and monthly health packs.

Freya initially set out to raise £500, but she surpassed this total by an incredible £1,000 through tireless fundraising efforts including selling cakes, bracelets and sweets at “The Phantom of the Opera” performances during Autumn Term, selling 200 Krispy Crème doughnuts during break times and spearheading a battle of the forms with a ‘Penny Wars’ competition.

Freya has to be commended on her hard work and commitment towards this excellent cause. Well done, Freya!

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