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Flying High


14 June 2024

This term our chosen charity in the Preparatory School, as selected by the girls, is supporting West Midlands Air Ambulance.  Our weekly collection is being charted using red helicopters on a graph in Prep Hall which has inspired girls to add to the donation.

This week the girls were further inspired when we received a visit from Dr Colette Dias, one of our Prep parents, who works for the charity as a critical care doctor.  During the special, very informative assembly Colette took us on an emergency mission with her from start to finish.  

Routine procedures, ahead of any emergency include putting on the protective uniform, checking all of the medical equipment, medicines and helicopter.  If the crew is then called out they also liaise with ambulance control, carry several huge, heavy bags of medical supplies to the patient, often in very remote or inaccessible areas, assess the medical situation and then decide on the next steps.

Some of the girls assisted Colette during the morning and confirmed that the equipment was indeed very heavy and the job is not for the fainthearted. Colette, however, gave the girls much food for thought in how important it is to take up new challenges and to not be afraid to learn new skills as they become adults.

The girls now have a far greater understanding of the lifesaving role of the charity and we are sure they will share their new found knowledge next time they see the distinctive red helicopter overhead.

Our grateful thanks to Colette for sharing her experience of volunteering with this invaluable charity with us.  We look forward to making our donation at the end of the term.

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