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Fit for February Half Term Update

23 February 2021

Half term has provided pupils with an opportunity to have a break from their computer screens and take part in our Fit for February monthly challenge.  More pupils have been logging their physical activity during half term, all working towards heir personal goals for the challenge.  Everyone that is taking part in the challenge with earn house points for their house.  The month long challenge ends on Sunday.  Pupils will have until Wednesday 3 March to log their data on to the co-curricular team. 

Congratulations to the following top 2 scorers in each year group taking part so far-

Year 7 – Tiffany Latham and Jessica Brodie

Year 8 – Gracie Roberts and Lucy Coleman

Year 10 – Mollie Hewison and Izzy Parkes

Year 11 – Oakley Winters and Anna Litchfield

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