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Christmas fun in Westbourne


14 December 2018

On Friday afternoon of last week, the Nursery girls went to buy a new Christmas decoration for the tree to get ready for this week of festive fun. They walked to the Botanical Gardens shop and chose a lovely Father Christmas. They also had a walk in the gardens after.

Each day this week Westbourne has taken a different seasonal theme.

On Mince Pie Monday the girls had the opportunity to taste mince pies. In Kindergarten they voted on who liked and disliked the taste and in Reception.

'Tinsel Tuesday' was a glittery day as girls, and staff, came to school adorned in tinsel. They had been very inventive and there were tinsel cuffs, anklets, trims and hairbands to name just a few.

'Woolly Wednesday' saw a wonderful array of Christmas jumpers. It was hard to believe how many different designs there were. We were glad to have them on too as the weather has taken a colder turn.

'Party Time Thursday' saw everyone come to school dressed in non-uniform for a day of fun activities. The afternoon was rounded off with a visit from Major Mustard who performed.

The week has finished with Festive Fun Friday and girls wearing a festive jumper or hat. They are certainly ready for a break after such a busy term.

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