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Don't Look in this Book


14 December 2018

On Tuesday 11 December, the Prep School welcomed author Sam Langley-Swain for a day of workshops. After self-publishing his first children's book, Sam has gone on to set up 'Owlet Press', a children's publishers that focuses on driving positive change for children through academic and emotional learning. He has now published six books. Over the past 18 months, Sam has worked in both independent and state schools using his picture books across EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to promote creative writing and emotional literacy/mental wellbeing.

After taking assembly Sam met with each year group individually to run a tailor-made workshop as planned in advance with staff.

Girls in Years 1 and 2 thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sam’s stories. ‘Santa’s Wish’ was one of the stories he read to the girls and this inspired them to think about wishes they could make for Christmas. The wishes were not all about presents but how they could help others, and included homes and shelter for all, food for the homeless and peace in the world. The girls are excited to share these wishes which they have hidden inside handmade crackers with their families.

Year 3 girls were very enthusiastic about Sam's visit. They thoroughly enjoyed his storytelling session and finished with an interactive 're-telling' session.

Year 5 channelled their inner apprentice skills as they were inspired by Sam who told them all about designing a brand, pitching the product and selling to a client. We have some excellent entrepreneurs in the making. The unique selling points were impressive. The recycling this Christmas would be dramatically reduced by using edible wrapping paper. A non-itchy Christmas jumper would sell very well, and a never-ending candy cane sounded very good value for money! These are a small selection of the fantastic products that could be available in the future. Our girls are ready for business. Posters were designed, slogans produced and pitches perfected. A fun session with an important message.

Year 6 were interested to discover how Sam created his own publishing company, Owlet Press. The girls them worked in pairs with Sam to create another page for his book, 'Don't Look in This Book'. They used rhyming couplets and a variety of art materials to design their page. The pupils also had to consider who the page was for and how they could trigger the audience's imagination.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet Sam and we hope that he has inspired some budding young authors within our school.

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