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Extended Project students present their work

25 May 2018

Ten students from Years 12 and 13 have successfully completed a year of research as part of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The qualification required them to complete an in depth study of a subject of their choice, to challenging the way they think, broadening their horizons and boosting their confidence. 

This week, their research culminated in presentations to senior staff and their peers. They enjoyed the opportunity to pursue high-level independent study on a wide range of topics:

•    Slavery during the French Enlightenment
•    Links between cancer and diet
•    Human Rights in Nigeria
•    President Macron’s electoral success
•    Causes of and treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
•    Misophonia
•    Causes of the 2008 recession in America
•    Bio-engineered artificial organs
•    New treatments in diabetes
•    The influence of the Youth movement on the ending of Apartheid in South Africa

The EPQ approach provides an invaluable foundation for study beyond the Sixth Form and is greatly prized by universities and the working world beyond. During the process the girls have developed important transferrable skills which will be of great value to their university studies when they leave EHS. 


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