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Excellence Book - Spring Term

29 March 2018

The following girls have been commended for their excellent work during the Spring Term:






Excellent work in Classics – Project on Pompeii

Lowri Bevan (8W)

Georgina Day (8K)

Diya Hanji (8W)

Anissa Karimov (8W)

Anna Litchfield (8K)

Lauren Newton (8K)

Eliza Parvez (8K)

Laiba Salman (8K)

Abigail Tomlinson (8W)


Excellent Classical Civilisation Essay on Religion

Freya Arden (9CR)


Excellent presentation in English on a Poetry Anthology

Lobna Ewies (10W)

Kaila Kika (10W)

Maria Sharobeen (10N)


Excellent Essay on Animal Farm

Anissa Karimov (8W)

Excellent English Essay

Iman Arshad (8S)

Daya Gill (8K)

Jessica Handley (9CR)

Excellent work on Shakespeare in English

Emma Henderson (9KM)

Excellent work on Monologues in English

Grace Herbert (8B)

Excellent work in English

Linda Hamsho (9RM)

Excellent Poem inspired by International Women’s Day

Maya Chavda (11G)

Excellent Presentation in English

Georgina Day (8K)

Gracie Herbert (8B)

Abigail Tomlinson (8W)

Excellent work  on the Tempest in Drama

Yi Bao (9KM)

Tina Bhardwaj (9KM)

Fareedat Kenyon (9KM)

Hibah Ul-Haq (9KM)

Excellent work on Lord of the Flies

Fareedat Kenyon (9KM)

Excellent analysis of English Poetry

Lexi Byrne (7C)


100% in Maths Test

Olivia Gayle (10S)



Excellent Essay about Malala in French

Laila Kika (10S)


Excellent Spanish Essay

Abigail Tomlinson (8W)

Excellent Description in Spanish

Jiayin Han (8S)

Excellent work in Spanish

Fiona Mellor (10L)

Sana Singla (10N)

Excellent work in Spanish

Linda Hamsho (9PM)

Hermione Hooper (9RM)



Excellent Biology Essay

Abigail Tomlinson (8W)


Excellence in Chemistry in work on the Reactivity Series

Francesca Draper (9RM)

Excellent work on Halogens in Chemistry

Natalia Barrios-Mejia (9KM)


Excellent Extension work in Physics

Georgina Day (8K)

Excellent work in Physics on the Solar Eclipse

Lexi Byre (7C)

Carys Hayes (7C)


Excellent work

Abigail Tomlinson (8W)

Excellent work in Textiles in Sketchbook

Isabella Birch (8K)

Excellent Poster in Textiles

Fareedat Kenyon (9KM)


Excellent work in Fundraising for Orphaned Children in Goa

Freya Arden (9CR)

Tahjai Brown (9CR)

Milly Corbett (9KM)

Baked 100 Cup Cakes for Charity

Nicole Barker (9KM)



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