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ESSA Success for Prep


23 June 2023

The English Schools Swimming Association (ESSA) was formed in 1949 with a view to promoting the teaching of swimming. The ESSA Championships remain a highlight of the swimming year with many schools in the eight regions of the country hoping to qualify for the prestigious finals held annually at Ponds Forge Swimming Centre in Sheffield. These initial rounds are held around the country during the Spring Term.

Both our freestyle and medley teams had qualified to take part in the finals held last weekend, on Saturday 17 June, at Ponds Forge which was already a great achievement.  

The morning began with a 10.00am Water Familiarisation session for our swimmers, Amelia, Annabel, Anya, Cora, Izzy and Sophie. The girls had a good warm up of dive practice and then headed off for lunch and a rest before the actual events.

It was an extremely exciting atmosphere inside the venue for the swimmers and their families and for people watching the live-streamed events at home.

The Freestyle relay was first and the girls swam fantastically well! Their takeovers were spot on and they qualified for the ‘A’ final with a 4 second PB!
In the final, again there were excellent takeovers which saw them in a challenging position. A brilliant 4th place came for the girls! 4th in the country is a good thing to shout about!

Next up was the Medley relay heats and again a great swim, with excellent takeovers and a 9 second PB this time! The team went into the ‘A’ final again, in 7th position and with a great final swim the girls came 6th.

To achieve making both finals against the number of other schools competing was a phenomenal achievement.

The girls should be extremely proud of themselves and the staff coaching team is so very proud of them, as their hard work, dedication and teamwork have been outstanding! 

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