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Enriching experiences in A Level English Literature

Sixth Form

03 May 2019

At the beginning of the Spring Term, Mrs Park and Miss Harrison organized a Gothic book club session for students of both Year 12 and 13 in order to get together and discuss Jane Austen’s thrilling novel ‘Northanger Abbey’. 

A group assembled on an appropriately dreary Monday afternoon, and got involved in discourse on the book, talking about common Gothic conventions as well as sharing quotations from the text. The meeting was a success and ended with the group watching extracts from the 2007 adaptation, featuring Felicity Jones as the film’s heroine. 

Fast forwarding to the end of term, a group of A Level English students and members of the English department embarked on a short journey to Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre to watch ‘Wise Children’ by Angela Carter. 

The groups that have been studying Gothic literature have been working on one of Carter’s other texts, ‘The Bloody Chamber’, so it was a useful insight into Carter’s other works. Carter’s works often explore feminist issues, so the other A Level literature set who are studying Women in Literature would also have found much of interest. Whilst some students had rave-reviews about the exuberant production, others were unsure of exactly what they had witnessed, as Carter’s wild imagination took them on an unexpected journey full of drama, excitement and crude jokes; a fitting end to term as we prepared to begin our revision over the Easter holidays.        

Mila Manandhar, Year 12

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