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England Netballer Inspires With Masterclass


17 November 2023

In an exciting event on Tuesday, England netball star Annabel Roddy delivered a bespoke Netball Masterclass for members of the Year 5, 6, and 7 netball squads. The girls were treated to a unique opportunity as they honed their skills through engaging games and personalised drills led by the accomplished athlete.

23 year old Annabel embarked on her netball journey at the age of 12, starting with local teams. Over the years, her dedication and talent propelled her to captain the England U19 team, embarking on international tours in Australia and New Zealand. During her university years, Annabel showcased her prowess with Loughborough Lightning. In subsequent seasons she played in Defender position in the Netball Super League, representing teams such as Manchester Thunder and Celtic Dragons.

The masterclass provided a platform for skill enhancement but also allowed the girls to delve into Annabel's remarkable netball career. The girls were captivated by her exciting and inspiring stories, gaining valuable insights into the world of professional netball. The session concluded with an interactive Q&A, providing a unique opportunity for our aspiring netballers to seek advice and guidance from the seasoned player.

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming 2024 season, it was revealed that Annabel has decided to re-sign with Loughborough Lightning, marking another exciting chapter in her career. 

The session left a lasting impression on the girls and we thank Annabel for her time.

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