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Engineering scheme pupils partner with Network Rail

10 January 2020

On Wednesday, the Year 12 girls taking part in the Engineering Education Scheme went behind the scenes on a visit to New Street Station. Our industrial partner, Network Rail, has tasked the team with putting together a design for the new University station which would make it ready to cope with the increased traffic for the Commonwealth Games.

On the tour we looked at how the different zones of New Street are laid out to cope with the flow of human and rail traffic whilst still allowing for easy maintenance. We were also given access to the Signalling Control Centre (a Grade 2 listed building) and the girls had the opportunity to operate the system that directs the trains through Birmingham alongside the signallers on duty. We are confident that there were no delays as a result of our interference!

Next, the team will be taking part in a residential workshop at Loughborough University where they will be putting together a 3D computer model of their designs.

As well as the invaluable work experience they have gained working alongside the engineers from Network Rail, at the end of the scheme in May, they will all receive Gold Industrial Cadets badges and Gold CREST awards from the British Science Association. 

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