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Head's End of Term Message

08 July 2020

We come to the end of a hectic term and we can look back on a period of Edgbaston High School history that will never be forgotten. As we reflect on what has been achieved by all we should not marvel, because how our community has pulled together to ensure that progress has been made and that the students have continued to flourish has not been surprising. The strength, depth, resilience and all around can-do attitude of the pupils and staff means that nothing fazes us! As you will see from the excellence book no-one has thought to coast since Lockdown began. There are over 100 nominations for the excellence book this term and I have enjoyed meeting all the students to discuss their work. Please take a look to see why the girls have been nominated.

In our final senior school assembly of term, I left the pupils with three things to think about. The first was something that I tell them a great deal and that is to always value and be proud of who they are. The second comes from a favourite of mine, Winnie the Pooh (a very wise bear), I asked them to remember that it is in the simple things that we sometimes find the most joy. I think that the period we have just been through is testament to that. And thirdly I asked them to consider the poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. It is a slightly ambiguous poem, but one that I like to reflect on at the end of a year. We have all made choices this year and decisions have been taken. We may wonder if we took the right path. My hope for all in our community, but especially those who move to the next stage, is that they will not turn back but carry on making decisions, seeing the choices that lie ahead and taking different paths, some not so well trodden as others. EHS students are ambitious, caring, scholarly, energetic and endlessly enthusiastic and they should forge ahead with confidence knowing that they have all of our support, but also that they have everything within themselves to be whatever they want to be.

I wish you all a peaceful, restful and ‘computer screen free’ summer. I look forward to welcoming everyone back in September and cannot wait for the corridors and classrooms to be full of pupils again.

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