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EHS works towards 100K in May

08 May 2020

Girls and staff have started their challenge to walk or run 100km, or cycle 200km. Their distances are being tracked by pupils when they are partaking in their daily exercise during lockdown, and the girls are uploading their distances onto their house team so that we can find out which house will walk, run or cycle the greatest distance during May.

So far, we have had entries from all five houses and we have some participants aiming for 100km and some aiming for 200km on their bikes. Over 240km has been covered so far!  Well done to everyone that has taken part so far and uploaded their distances onto the co-curricular TEAM. Students represented so far include Ellie Hewison, Oakley Winters, Lily Mason, Milly Corbett, Katie Dunnaker, Davina m, Ellie Egan-Williams, Gracie Roberts, Daisy Bevan, Maeve Taheny, Lydia Diwakar and Roseanna Diwakar. Staff taking part include Mrs Parsons, Mrs Hewison and Mrs Mooney.  

Keep sharing your goals with us on Twitter and Instagram!

Mrs Parsons
Head of P.E.

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