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Green ambassadors hold special assembly

12 October 2018

Monday's Eco Code Assembly performed by our 17 Eco Reps was the culmination of a month's hard work. 

In September, each group of Eco Reps was tasked with performing one part of our Eco Code in a special assembly. The girls worked with 6th Form Eco Reps to gather their ideas and turn these into a script. They then worked independently to cast their plays and learn their lines. Props and costumes were selected, and they met regularly for rehearsals.

Finally, the girls performed to a full house of Prep pupils, staff and Sixth Formers. This was quite daunting, especially for our Key Stage 1 Reps, but everyone enunciated their words and projected their voices well. The resulting performance on Monday was terrific; just the right amount of humour to make their important message memorable. 

The groups reminded us to recycle, switch off lights and appliances fully, place litter in the correct bin, treat nature with respect and teach others about our environment. We also learned our Prep Eco Code can be remembered using the acronym 'PLANET'. 

The assembly was also a good time to remind everyone of recycling opportunities within school. Our battery collection scheme is still going strong and we have now introduced a pen recycling scheme. The box for this is located next to the Eco board in the Science corridor. Please feel free to send in dried pens, markers, felt tip pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, correction fluid pots, correction tape and dry erase markers. 

Mrs Eveleigh
Prep Science Co-ordinator

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